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faith promise



Join us Nov 11-13 for our Missions Conference: Faith Promise.  More details coming soon.


A native of Bangladesh, Tahmina Martelly was born and brought up in a fairly strict Muslim family.  Through the amazing grace and redemptive power of God, she encountered Jesus in the most unlikely of places; in the middle of war.  Tahmina firmly believes that each of us has a beautiful story of grace that only we can share as the master author crafts us.  You will be challenged to live life to your fullest potential through Tahmina’s engaging speaking style, her story and biblical knowledge.

Tahmina currently lives in Seattle with her husband Grantley.  They have two grown children. Tahmina and her husband started a non-profit (, primarily working with women and children. She is actively involved in refugee resettlement and in mentoring youth. In her spare time Tahmina hopes to take more dancing lessons to practice for heaven.