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Q: Is there a list of Small Groups?

A: Not anymore.  We want you to round up your friends and be a group.  Picking your group like a buffet item rarely works as well.  That said, there's always a list.

Q:What are we studying?

A: We have a list of items to help our small groups choose what to study.  Whatever you choose, please let us know!  Here is the Small Groups MENU

Q: Are the groups permanent?

No.  Every fall we reboot our small groups, but once you find your group that brings life to you, lock it down and be with that group!

Q: Do the groups meet year round?

A: No.  We have found a rhythm that works really well: September to Thanksgiving and January to Easter.  But each group can follow their path.

Q: How long do the groups meet?

A: Groups are usually 1-2 hours and meet during the school year.

Q: Can my kids come?

A: Our church loves kids and we want our small groups to be family friendly.  In fact, we have built our small groups to have a wide age spectrum.

Q: What are the Semesters?

A: Our Fall Semester is SEP-THANKSGIVING.  Our Spring Semester is JAN-EASTER.

Q: What day do the Small Groups meet?

A: Each Small Group meets on different days depending on which day is best for their group.

Q: How do we take attendance?

A: There is no attendance!

Q: How can I communicate to my small group?

A: Our Small Group site will allow you to communicate to your group, let you manage your groups event calendar, and record attendance.

Q: Can I download the documents for Small Groups?

A: Yes! MENU 

Q: I can't login to the Small Groups Site.  How can I get help?

A: Please contact the church office for help.