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means of grace


What are the MEANS OF GRACE?

The Means of Grace are simply the ways we grow as followers of Jesus.  

CamNaz provides you with tools to help you grow


Pastor James offers videos to help you understand these MEANS OF GRACE at

You can also find a larger collection of videos to help you grow here.


Putting faith in Jesus is the most important step in growing as a Christian.  If you have questions, start here.  You can always contact the church to make an appointment with one of our pastors to learn more.

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pastor james blog


by Oswald Chambers



by Sarah Young


holiness today

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HOLINESS TODAY is a magazine produced by the Church of the Nazarene to engage people at all different places in their spiritual growth.  You will find articles on holiness you can apply to your life.

house of learning

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We gather every week at houses of worship we call churches.  We also need to gather at houses of learning.  We should be prioritizing our discipleship programs in our church, raising up mature followers of Jesus.  In addition to the resources on this page, you can find videos to help you learn and grow on

verses to memorize

Memorizing verses is another healthy habit we can use to help us grow.  Download Pastor James' VERSES TO MEMORIZE as a great starting place to begin practicing hiding God's Word in your heart.


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A weekly devotional by the CamNaz staff.

Updated on Fridays on the CamNaz Facebook page.

bayside refuel


Bayside is not part of CamNaz or our denomination but it is a part of the Body of Christ!  They produce great video devotionals every day that you can get delivered to you in a variety of ways.  Check it out on their website.

tithes & offerings


our responsibility

For information about how we invest our finances and manage our resources, click here.

online giving

We have tried to make it easy for you to give.  You can give online here.  Reoccurring payments can be setup online.

txt giving

The easiest way to give is to txt a dollar amount to 84321.  For more information, click here.

in-service giving

Every Sunday we provide an opportunity to worship God through the giving of tithes and offerings.  We provide privacy envelopes that you can put in the plate, mail, or drop in the church mail drop.  You can give with cash, check, or card.  If you are giving cash and want tax credit, please make sure to give your name on the envelope.

snail mail giving

We provide giving envelopes that can be used to mail your tithes and offerings to the church.  You can also use the envelopes to give in our services or drop your gift in the church office mail box.  Make your check payable to "CamNaz" and mail it to:

Camarillo Church of the Nazarene

2280 Antonio Ave

Camarillo, CA 93010

giving categories

All undesignated funds will be posted to our general account to support the church and the biggest need.  You can also give directly to specific funds.  For a list of funds, click here.

faith promise

November brings our annual Faith Promise event.  It's a weekend when we hear from one of our missionaries, and are challenged to make a promise to give in faith to support missions.  You will find it informational, inspiring, with no pressure to give.  This is a classic Nazarene event.


For decades Nazarene's have been donating their pocket change to build churches, schools, hospitals, and other necessary buildings around the world.  All of the donations go towards the buildings with zero overhead.  Each February we pass out change boxes for those interested in participating.  You can turn in your change at anytime throughout the year.


    • ​While baptism is not something we do all the time, it is an important step in our growth as a Christian.  To start the process of getting baptized, watch our Baptism Video.  Step two is to take our Baptism Quiz.  After that, someone will contact you.  


    • Legacy Service.  We host our Legacy Service on the first Sunday of the month at 5:30 PM.  The service features hymns and an open share time for people to share testimonies.​

    • Testimony Services.  We feature testimonies in our services once a month.

    • 304 Your Story Class (coming soon)




    • Our Sunday Morning Services​

    • Podcasts

    • Internet Campus (coming soon)


    • Sunday School on Sundays at 9:30 AM for all ages​

    • Small Groups that meet on different days throughout the week

    • Ladies Bible Study on Tuesdays

    • Seasonal Classes offered 


    • Iron Groups.  Information in the church office.​


    • Offered on the first Sunday of the month​



    • Gift Catalogue​