small groups FAQs


Q: How do I join a small group?

A: Email the church office at

Q: Is there a list of Small Groups?

A: Yes.  You can see a list of our public Small Groups on our Small Groups site.  We also have more groups that meet in people's homes throughout the year.

Q:What are we studying?

A: We have a menu to help our Small Groups choose the content they want to go through.  You can download our Small Groups MENU

Q: How do I get started?

A: To host a small group, please contact the church office and you can get started with your training online.

Q: How do I lead my group?

A: Our online small group training has 4 short videos to help train you on how to host a small group.

Q: Can I switch groups?

A: Absolutely.  While we want you to stretch your comfort zone, we don't want to break it!  Let us know how we can help.

Q: Are the groups permanent?

Our groups are built for each semester, but most groups stay together for one year.  We re-shuffle our groups every fall.

Q: How long do the groups meet?

A: Groups are usually 1-2 hours and meet during the school year.

Q: Can my kids come?

A: Our church loves kids and we want our small groups to be family friendly.  In fact, we have built our small groups to have a wide age spectrum.

Q: What are the Semesters?

A: Here is the list of when we meet.

Q: What day do the Small Groups meet?

A: Each Small Group meets on different days depending on which day is best for their group.

Q: How do we take attendance?

A: There is no attendance!

Q: How can I communicate to my small group?

A: Communicate any way you want!  If you need help, our Small Group site will allow you to communicate to your group, let you manage your groups event calendar, and record attendance.

Q: Can I download the MENU for Small Groups?

A: Yes! MENU.

Q: I can't login to the Small Groups Site.  How can I get help?

A: Please contact the church office for help.

Q: Is there someone I can talk to about Small Groups?

A: Yes!  Chris is our Discipleship Coordinator.  You can email Chris here.

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